We were on vacation and had no idea how to handle the Jet Ski under those weather conditions. No one told us what to do during an emergency. Now, my husband and son have bruises and my son has a broken arm. How can an attorney help us?

It isn’t a surprise that Florida reports more boating accidents than all other states. Personal watercraft and Jet Ski accidents are usually

Personal Watercraft Injuries

Personal Watercraft Injuries

caused by speeding, being irresponsible while operating the watercraft, lack of proper operating instructions, misjudging water and weather conditions, and illegal substance use. Personal watercraft and Jet Ski operators are exceedingly vulnerable to encounter extensive injuries or death due the fact they are so close to the water and are traveling at high rates of speed. It is critical for personal watercraft and Jet Ski operators to appreciate and follow boating laws, attend boating courses, operate their watercraft at safe speeds, pay attention to weather and marine conditions, and always wear a life jacket.

Vacationers come to Florida to enjoy our beaches and many of these vacationers become accident victims by renting personal watercrafts or Jet Skis from local beach vendors. In many cases, beach vendors give inadequate instructions or in some cases no instructions to the vacationers before letting them operate the watercraft. Sadly, the lack of adequate instruction prevents the watercraft operators from the essential information and understanding needed in order to protect themselves and others during a crisis on the water.

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