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Everyone laughed when I slipped and fell. At first, I was embarrassed but now I can barely move and can’t work. How can an attorney help me?

Slipping, tripping, and other falling accidents aren’t funny. In truth, they are often dangerous and lead to severe consequences. The

Premises Liability - Slip and Fall Attorney St. Petersburg, FL

Premises Liability – Slip and Fall Attorney Serving Tampa Bay

most critical injuries can lead to death as a result of a falling accident. It is crucial that property owners take reasonable care to ensure the safety of their premises. Sadly, a number of property owners or managers are negligent in this regard and the result is a unsafe condition that could cause injury.

Possibly the most upsetting factor in slip and fall accidents is that they can be averted. Florida law commands property owners to take specific measures to prevent slip and fall accidents and other kinds of injuries associated to the maintenance of their property. It is important to know the degree of care allocated depends on the affiliation of the injured person to the property and its owner.

Property owners who operate businesses where customers visit have the uppermost degree of liability to provide vigorous awareness for dangers that have the potential to injure visitors. These property owners have the responsibility to repair any unsafe conditions in a timely manner or they must give distinct and understandable warnings to visitors that an unsafe condition exists and they should step cautiously.

Social licensees, who includes social guest and visitors who have permission to enter a property however, are not there for business, are given the second-highest degree of liability under Florida law. Property owners who have social guests have an obligation to prevent making any hazardous condition more hazardous and to alert their guests when they can to steer clear of any known hazards.

Trespassers are indebted the lowest degree of care under Florida law. Property owners do not have a duty to repair hazardous situations or caution would-be trespassers about them. However, property owners do have a liability to avoid intentionally creating a hazardous circumstance or make a hazardous circumstance more serious if they have reason to believe people might come onto the property without consent.

Some property owners might feel that slip and fall accidents are a result of the clumsiness on the part of the victim, however it is critical to assess the evidence and establish the actual cause, which is frequently not clumsiness. An attorney can assist you in determining if you or someone else is at fault for your slip and fall accident injury and determine who is liable for your recovery. If legal action is necessary, you may be able to get compensation for medical bills, lost time from work, pain and suffering and other damages.

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