We love thrill rides and were having a great vacation until the ride malfunctioned. Now my arm is broken. How can an attorney help me?

Millions of people visit Florida every year for our weather and the thrill of our famous amusement parks. Amusement parks are a

Theme Park Accident Injuries

Theme Park Accident Injuries

favorite form of entertainment for families and young people across the country and especially in the State of Florida.

Theme park owners are consistently thriving to out-do their competitors in an order to boost consumer popularity and profits. New roller coasters and other amusement park thrill rides are opening up all the time and promising to be the world’s fastest, highest, and scariest. Regrettably, these rides are giving consumers more than they pay for. Broken or bloody noses, broken ribs and limbs, whiplash, brain hemorrhages, paralysis, and even death have been reported as a result of thrill rides calamities.

The surge in thrill ride accidents is disturbing as hundreds of people suffer minor to severe injuries each year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that emergency room injuries from amusement park rides increased almost 87 percent in the last five years. The investigation conducted by the CPSC into these injuries determined that numerous factors are at fault in these injuries. These factors include consumer behavior, operator behavior, mechanical failure, and design flaws or limitations.

While there may be some question over who is at fault for a thrill park accident, there is little to no doubt that those injured while riding amusement park attractions endure pain and damage as a result of their injuries.

Liability or responsibility for amusement park and theme park injuries involves three types of law: negligence or tort law, product liability law, and premises liability law. The Bouis Law Firm is experienced and determined to seek the damages you are entitled to.

If you have been injured at a theme park, the Bouis Law Firm will protect your rights. Please contact the Bouis Law Firm today for a FREE consultation.


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