I have been a seaman for 22 years and love my job. I got sick a few months ago and do not know my rights. How can an attorney help me?

Injured seamen are eligible to certain benefits under the terms of the Jones Act. Usually, injuries endured while in service to a ship in

Seaman Personal Injury Attorney

Seaman Personal Injury Attorney

navigable waters are covered, in spite of whether those injuries occurred at sea or while completing work-related tasks on land.

Under the Jones Act, the Bouis Law Firm represents seamen in personal injury claims. The Bouis Law Firm will protect your rights in order to defend your employment and explain to you your rights so that any misinformation that you could have been given would impair your case.

Injured seamen are eligible to specific assistances under General Maritime Law. These benefits are given to you whether or not a ship’s owner or operator was responsible. These benefits can be used even if the seaman “…falls ill while in the service of the ship…”

If you have fallen ill or have been injured on a vessel while working, the Bouis Law Firm will protect your rights. Please call the Bouis Law Firm today for a FREE consultation.


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