We want to avoid a foreclosure and are interested in a short sale. How can an attorney help us?

A short sale is when you urge the lender to let you sell your property for what it is worth on the current market price usually for less

Short sale Attorney in Tampa Bay Florida

Short sale Attorney Serving Tampa Bay

than the amount you are constrained to pay. With the opportunity of short sale vs. foreclosure, you must plead your case to the lender that you are having financial problems and that you unable pay the mortgage. This gives you an opportunity to avoid foreclosure. To many, short sales are touted as a cure for all your foreclosure ills. It has become a popular option for homeowners who are overcome with financial problems.

The Bouis Law Firm can help you with your options regarding short sale. We will help to explain what options are best for your financial worries and the concern over your mortgage.

Some homeowners are contacting their lenders for home modifications loan. However, home modifications are simply not working in the state of Florida since the values of homes have dropped significantly. For many homeowners, a short sale is their best option to avoid foreclosure.

The Bouis Law Firm understands the complexity of a short sale contract and the entire process. It is critical to have an attorney who has experience and can allow you a higher probability of selling your home. It could be one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

If you are interested in representation for a short sale of your residence, the Bouis Law Firm will protect your rights. Please contact the Bouis Law Firm today for a FREE consultation.


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